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A Georgia District Attorney released a recorded phone conversation from 2014 of Ricky Dubose and another man planning to rob a homeless veteran for his gun in Elberton.

In the recording, released to our Atlanta station - WXIA-TV - Dubose can be heard speaking to another man, Darrell Eugene Montford, plotting to rob a 67-year-old man.

Dubose and Montford were both convicted in that case, according to Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney D. Parks White.

Dubose and his former cell mate Donnie Row are accused of escaping from a prison bus on Tuesday in Putnam County. Two corrections officers were shot to death with their own guns during the escape.

They haven't been caught yet and the reward for their capture is $115,000.

Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney D. Parks White released this statement via email about the 2014 robbery in which Dubose was convicted:

On September 3, 2014, Ricky Dubose and Darrell Eugene Montford (AKA “Montana”) decided they had nothing better to do than to rob Robert Van Horn, a 67-year-old homeless veteran who lived in a camper on Stinchcomb Road in Elberton. Prior to traveling to Mr. Van Horn’s residence, Dubose used the cellphone of Tara Haddock, his girlfriend, to call Montford. Haddock had an app installed that recorded all telephone conversations. The recorded conversation established the Montford and Dubose were conspiring to commit an armed robbery. Dubose later told investigators that they were planning on robbing a store on the day of the incident (the recording is attached to this email). Dubose placed the call to the Montford for the purpose of setting up a meeting with the Montford at the Kangaroo gas station in Comer, Georgia. Immediately following the phone call, Dubose had Haddock drive the two of them to the Kangaroo to meet the Montford. Montford arrived in his vehicle alone. The Montford and Dubose then left the gas station in the Montford’s car heading in the direction of the victim’s home. They traveled to the victim’s house, purportedly to buy a gun to use in a different robbery.

They arrived at Mr. VanHorn’s camper under the pretense of purchasing a .45 caliber pistol that Mr. Van Horn was attempting to sell. Robert Van Horn had known Ricky Dubose for many years and thought of him like a grandson. Mr. Van Horn did not know Montford, who introduced himself as Dominique. The three of them walked from Mr. Van Horn’s camper to an old bus located adjacent to his camper. Mr. Van Horn produced the .45 caliber handgun and handed it to Montford for examination. Instead of engaging in a transaction, Montford pulled out a 9MM handgun, pointed it at the helpless and unarmed victim, and demanded his wallet.

Mr. Van Horn, scared for his life, attempted to comply with Montford’s demands. He went to open a dresser drawer to obtain his wallet and surrender it to Montford, when Montford, unprovoked and without reason, shot Mr. Van Horn in his right hand with the Mr. Van Horn’s own gun. ...The Defendant ordered Mr. Van Horn to get on the floor of the bus, at which point the two assailants grabbed Mr. Van Horn’s wallet, which contained a whopping one hundred twenty dollars in cash, a debit card, a driver’s license, and Mr. Van Horn’s VA card. Montford and Dubose then ran from the bus, got back into the small white Honda they had arrived in, and drove away taking the .45 caliber pistol and Mr. Van Horn’s wallet with them.

Mr. Van Horn identified Montford from a six person photo lineup as the man who shot him and stole his wallet.

During the course of the investigation, sheriff’s investigators located footage at the Kangaroo gas station in Comer where Montford and Dubose met up prior to the Armed Robbery. They located the white Honda used in the Armed Robbery, which was owned by Montford’s girlfriend, Brittney Mize, and upon searching it located a wallet which contained Montford’s driver’s license.

Dubose pleaded guilty to Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Theft by Taking, and received a 20 year prison sentence without the possibility of parole. He was supposed to cooperate in the trial of Mr. Montford. He did not – and instead attempted to frustrate justice further by preventing the State from convicting Montford. Montford was found guilty and received a life sentence. His conviction has been affirmed by the Court of Appeals.


D. Parks White

District Attorney

Northern Judicial Circuit

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Georgia corrections officers Curtis Billue (left) and Christopher Monica were shot and killed during an escape June 13, 2017.