District Attorney Hayward Altman said Friday that he's going to present the case of three Washington County deputies involved in a man's death to the grand jury for criminal indictment.

Altman said the case he will present against deputies Michael Howell, Henry Copeland and Rhett Scott will be for felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, simple battery and misconduct.

The case will go before the Washington County grand jury Dec. 19, Altman said.

Altman made the comments during a news conference at the county courthouse, one day after the deputies were fired.

Washington County Sheriff Thomas Smith on Thursday announced the firing of Howell, Copeland, and Scott for violating several procedures in the July 7 death of Eurie Martin.

Martin died after being tased by the deputies on Deepstep Road.

"The grand jury will have the ultimate authority," Altman said.

Martin's family and attorneys representing the family were in the courtroom during Friday's news conference.

"He was simply walking down the road," attorney Francis Johnson said during the news conference. "He broke no laws and the deputies are responsible for Eurie's death."