This Sunday, people from all around central Georgia celebrated Father's Day.

For a lot of dads, the day means getting to do some of their favorite activities -- like playing golf.

Our Mary Grace Shaw went out to Bowden Golf Course in Macon to speak with some dads who were spending their special day hitting the links.

Brian Gerrity says he spent the day showing his daughter how to play the game for the first time.

“We woke up, went out to eat, and we didn’t have any plans for the afternoon. My wife’s working, so we went to hit balls for the first time… She’s having a blast! She hasn’t hit a ball yet, but she’s having a blast,” said Gerrity.

Wesley Hillard says he had to work part of Father’s Day, so he came out early to hit a few balls and enjoy the morning.

“The weather’s good. It’s liberating. It’s a good course, so [I am] just having a good time relaxing my mind,” said Hillard.

Dennis Taylor came out to play a round with his son and nephew.

Taylor says they get to see each other a lot, but he says it was good to spend the day doing something different with them.

“Just coming out here to celebrate with my son and nephew and have a good time getting whooped by them. Let them have some bragging rights,” said Taylor.