Federal prosecutors want to delay Romain Dallemand's sentencing on tax-fraud charges until after he testifies against two Macon businessmen in trials this year.

The former Bibb County superintendent pleaded guilty in August and was scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 12 in Florida, where he now lives.

But a motion filed by federal prosecutors this month says, "Dallemand has been cooperating with the government."

The motion says Dallemand is scheduled to testify in the trial of Isaac Culver, scheduled for July 16 in Macon, and of Cliffard Whitby, scheduled for Sept. 24.

Whitby is accused of paying Dallemand $437,400 in bribes and reneged on promises to pay another half-million.

In a separate case, Culver is accused of defrauding the Bibb County school district of millions on a contract for computers and support services.

Last August, Dallemand admitted that he filed a false tax return to the IRS in 2012, which under-reported his income and over-reported his deductions.

A federal indictment last year says Whitby paid Dallemand more than $400,000 to support a project he was involved in called the Macon Promise Neighborhood.

Whitby now faces federal charges of fraud, bribery and money laundering.

Culver is charged with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, 10 counts of wire fraud, one count of mail fraud and money laundering.

Dallemand faces up to three years in federal prison.

Federal prosecutors wanted to put off Dallemand's sentencing hearing until at least Oct. 8, when they say the Whitby trial will be completed.

The judge re-scheduled Dallemand's sentencing hearing to May 14 in Fort Myers, when prosecutors will give an update on Dallemand's cooperation.

Dallemand was Bibb County school superintendent for two years, from 2011 to 2013.

He also faces a civil lawsuit from the school district arguing that he pushed that computer sale through by violating school procedures and bidding laws and deceived other school officials about what he was doing.