You may wonder what are chickens doing at a school. Well, instead of keeping students cooped up in class, teachers at Dames Ferry Elementary School are teaching problem solving and hands-on activities through their science, technology, engineering, and math program.

In the fall, second-graders began researching and designing a chicken coop.

One of the designs that the second-graders have come up with is the sliding door. They pull it up in the morning to let the chickens out, but at night, they put it back down to keep the chickens safe from harm.

"Instead of them going out at night and snakes crawling in and killing them," Braven Bishop, a second-grader says.

Now, the coop is finally finished.

The students have nine chickens to take care of for the rest of the year, problem solving along the way, and Braven is ready to get his hands dirty.

"My favorite part is going to be picking up the eggs because I've never touched a real-life laid egg," says Braven.

Second-grade teacher Angela Bishop says this is EGGxactly what she needs to keep their attention.

"And so standing in front of the class and delivering our information doesn't really work anymore, so they will use it while they are learning it and it tends to sink in more," says Bishop.

Bishop says this is just the first step to becoming STEM certified.

Dames Ferry Elementary say their next STEM project will include teaching kids about bumblebees and maybe even butterflies as well.