13 WMAZ is digging deeper into the story about the Houston County Sheriff's K9 that turned on his handler.

The dog, Kyro, bit his handler Sergeant Slate Simons on the leg last week during a search and wouldn't release forcing Simons to shoot him.

Earlier, WMAZ reported that Kyro had a history of alleged aggressive behavior.

Last year, Warner Robins paid a man in a settlement after he said Kyro bit him during a 2015 traffic stop.

According to a Warner Robins police report and dashcam video, officers stopped Linnie Sanders and a passenger in October of 2015 as part of a narcotics investigation.

Officers called in Kyro and his handler Sergeant Simons to do a free air sniff of the car.

On his first lap around the vehicle you can see Kyro jumping against the car and the moment Sanders says the dog bit him.

You can hear Simons call Kyro as he's pulling on the leash.

In Simons' report on the search, he said he did not see the bite take place. He also called the alleged bite, "a scrape on [Sanders} arm with some minor bleeding."

No charges were filed against Sanders or his passenger.

Sanders' attorney sent the city a letter last June saying the dog harmed him. The letter also says Sanders was caused “physical injuries” and called the traffic stop “unlawful.”

Warner Robins settled the case and Sanders says the city paid him $45,000.

Kyro continued to work with the Houston County Sheriff's Office for nearly a year and a half after that incident and 10 months after Warner Robins settled with Sanders.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office declined to comment on Kyro's history or why the dog continued to work with their office.