After Monday night's big win, Georgia Bulldog fans are hitting the stores, looking to buy some new swag. Yvonne Thomas went store to store checking out the new merchandise and fan favorites.

After the big win at the Rose Bowl, longtime fan Kevis Wallace shuffled through the racks, looking for new merch to celebrate this historic victory. “Even if they would have lost, I'd still be a die hard fan. I'd love them either way,” said Wallace. “I'm going to get these 2, and 9 times out of 10, if I see a third one, I'll get another one.”

But he isn't the only fan on the hunt -- Bulldogs merchandise is flying off the shelves, especially the Official Nike Rose Bowl T-shirts. “I came in here bright and early this morning saying, 'I know one place that has them, and that's Academy,'” said Wallace.

And if you're looking to watch the game in long sleeves or a hat, Team Sports on Shurling Drive has both in stock. “We've gotten several phone calls wondering who has merchandise, and I tell them we have it,” said Walker Juhan, sales associate with Team Sports in Macon.

Even though, for many fans, tickets to the championship game in Atlanta may be out of reach, for Wallace, buying gear is another way to show he bleeds red-and-black. “It doesn't matter. They'll be forever in my heart.”

If you're looking for a Jake Fromm jersey, you have to look online, and they will run you about $60.