It seems like everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.

For most, Christmas lights are going up and decorations are coming out. Nicole Butler went to meet with a Gordon couple who says we shouldn't jump into the Christmas spirit just yet.

The turkey is being stuffed, and the Wilchers couldn't be happier with how their decorations have turned out.

Robust says it brings her back to her childhood decorating with her mother.

"When I do the things she used to do, it still seems like she's still here. She's still a part of me it's like taking her tradition on," she says.

A tradition that Robust and her husband Patrick have been carrying on for almost 30 years, but they've noticed Thanksgiving has taken a back seat to Christmas season.

"I do not want Thanksgiving to be a forgotten holiday. Thanksgiving is all about the giving of thanks, and we all have so much to be thankful for," Robust says.

So they decorate. From Indians and pilgrims to wheelbarrows full of pumpkins, every detail has to be perfect.

But when you take a step inside, a frenzy of fall colors stuns you.

"It's the 'wow' effect, 'cause it's like, 'I can't believe this. The inside looks better than the outside,'" Patrick says.

And just when he thinks he's seen it all, "I don't see how she's going to do it better the next year," his wife surprises him saying her motivation comes from seeing people react.

"It's about making somebody smile. You know we are affecting people in a positive way, and even if it's just for a holiday, it's worth the investment, so it's really not about us, it's about how people respond and the difference we can make, even for this small time of the year," Patrick says.

Patrick says the day after Thanksgiving, their Christmas decorating will be in full swing.

It will include a reindeer, a nativity scene, and much more.