Even though stolen signs welcoming people to town in Montrose were returned, the mystery of where they went and who took them is far from over.

The signs that read "The Home of Demaryius Thomas" were anonymously returned to a deputy, according to Laurens County Sheriff Larry Dean.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to James Brown, the uncle of the Denver Broncos player, to find out what they believe happened.

When you enter the city of Montrose, there is a big sign welcoming you. It's a form of southern hospitality, but part of it recently disappeared.

"I noticed that the sign was missing, and I came home and told my wife, 'You know that the signs that they had up for Bay Bay?' We call him Bay Bay, but Demaryius, that it was gone," said Brown.

Underneath the sign were bold white words reading "Home of Demaryius Thomas," a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

He lived here with his uncle, James Brown.

"He just grew up to be a great young man and I'm really proud of him, his success. This is where it all took place, right here in little ol' Montrose," says Brown.

When he came back home for his football camp in July, he received the sign. It was posted days later.

"He still remember where he came from," says Brown. "That's very important that you don't forget the bridge that brought you over."

The signs were missing for at least three days, but the mystery of who took them still stands. Brown could only speculate that maybe it was just mischief.

"I figure that somebody took them and some kid going to have them stuck up over his bed in his bedroom -- Home of Demaryius Thomas," says Brown.

The sign made its way back home to its rightful spot.

Thomas attended Georgia Tech and is now in training camp for his 8th season for the Denver Broncos.