It's time for your weekly Interchange Update. This week, we're taking a closer look at a construction site on Walnut Street. Contractors are destroying parts of the Walnut Street Bridge. One woman lives right across the street from the construction site and says she feels a little unsafe in her neighborhood.

Some say change can be a good thing, but for Angelica McDowell, this change is really loud. “A mess, that's what I see,” said McDowell. “Loud isn't even the word. It's very aggravating, especially at night.”

Contractors are destroying parts of the Walnut Street Bridge right in front of her home. “It's dangerous right now and I hope that no one gets hurt before it's too late,” said McDowell. To make way for construction, Kimberly Larson with the Department of Transportation says the four-lane highway was turned into a two-lane highway. Also, crews are removing several street lights. “Especially at night with the light pole being gone. It's dark and bright car lights and darkness just don't go,” said McDowell.

But this isn't the only construction site that's happening around the city. This $500 million project is making a lot of noise around the city. Larson says, this week, crews will install a storm drain pipe along the Hardeman Avenue on ramp to I-75 North. Then they'll wrap up construction at the MLK Boulevard on and off ramps.

McDowell says It's an inconvenience for her community, but she hopes these changes will be for the better. Larson says most of the bridge reconstruction will be completed at night. The interchange construction could change your route this week.The southbound lanes on the Walnut Street bridge are closing this week. The right lane of I-75S from the split to Hardeman Avenue is closed. The right lane of I-75 North near Hardeman Avenue to I-16 East is closed.