Halloween is only four days away. If you do get candy you can't eat, or if your kid gets too much candy, don't just throw it away. Family Dental Associates in Warner Robins are asking kids to cash in their extra candy for some folks who need an extra treat.

Dentist Alex Bell said the relationship between candy and dentists isn't always so sweet. “Over the last few years, we've seen a rise in cavities for our children,” said Bell. “For years and years, we were reducing the amount of cavities, but now, we're starting to see a comeback in cavities.”

Instead of eating extra Halloween candy, these dentists are asking you to sell it to them. “We're paying a dollar per pound of candy,” said Bell. “It's a great way for kids to cash in on their candy.”

But it's not for the them to enjoy. Dentists will box up the sweet treats and ship them to U.S. soldiers overseas through "Operation Gratitude." “This is our sixth annual buyback program, so far we've collected over 600 pounds of candy total,” said Bell.

Dentist Caroline Watson said it’s a good way to get kids excited to come to the dentist. “It is very fun a lot of the kids like to come in and participate in that.” When kids come and sell back their candy they can even write a letter to the troops. “They want to know that they are being thought of overseas,” said Bell. “They're away from their families and any little package means a lot to them.”

Trick-or-treaters can bring in their candy to the dentist office starting November 1st to November 3rd. That's next Tuesday through Thursday.