DALLAS. Ga. - After receiving an, "assist person" call, two Paulding County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene to realize their culprit was a slithering snake.

Corporal Webb and Deputy Bonnett arrived at a home on Powder Mill Court in the Powder Mills Subdivision around 7:30 Wednesday evening.

The homeowner called 911 for assistance after spotting the 10-foot snake under her car. It slithered to her backyard as she called for help.

"It looks like somebody's pet snake," the woman told the 911 dispatcher. "It's about 10 feet long and it looks like it could be a constrictor."

"Is it just in your yard?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah. It's right behind our fence. It's in our yard. We've got two Jack Russells that would make a nice snack for it," she said.

The deputies arrived and quickly wrangled the snake into a plastic storage bin. The photo they took quickly went viral in Metro Atlanta.

A neighborhood child who saw the commotion recognized the snake and ran back to the owner's home, .2 miles away.

His intuition was right. The missing snake was returned safely to its owner, Draven Cockerill.

"I didn't realize he had gotten out because he was in my bedroom just chilling around the house," Cockerill "He booked it for the back door, because he knows where it is. He's pretty smart."

He feels bad the neighbor was frightened, but says his pet snake is friendly. "I've never had any problems with him being aggressive at all."

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