After more than 10 years of waiting, $450,000 will go towards building a new Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park off I-75 and Russell Parkway.

Warner Robins City Council voted to approve the appropriation at Monday night’s meeting.

Richard McKee is a Vietnam Veteran who helped organize the park plan. Memories of the war are still on his mind.

“There are a lot of different memories that still go through your head. The blue car pulling up in front of my neighbor's house because he was killed. The not knowing what happened, then knowing what happened,” McKee said in his dining room.

McKee spent 4 years flying missions in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. He still thinks of the people he served with and his time in the air.

“Going to see the names on the wall to look up the crew that was behind us that got shot out of the air, just leaving the comment that flying is long hours of boredom followed by short periods of pure terror,” he explained.

McKee says the park will feature a remembrance wall, honoring the 1,584 Georgia soldiers that died during the Vietnam war. McKee told 13WMAZ that it took more than 6 months to research and find the names of all 1,584.

There will also be a statue called ‘Survivor's Guilt’ with a single man shedding a tear for his brothers.

Another sculpture will be called the ‘Fallen Soldier's Cross,’ a stark reminder of the cost of war.

McKee described what it will be like to walk through it for the first time.

“I will be absolutely flabbergasted that we made this dream come true,” he said. When we asked if it would be emotional, he responded.

“Oh definitely.”

Helping with the park is McKee's way of giving back to a group of people that gave everything.

Warner Robins Councilman Tim Thomas said the park can start construction once the city acquires the land. McKee said it could be a couple months down the road.