Early Sunday morning, Bibb deputies say the received a call to Waverly Pointe Apartments. When they arrived, they say they found four children at home without supervision. Their mothers left them overnight.

“They just left them. As they went to sleep, they left,” Deputy Joshua Cravey said. “Luckily, they had a phone number, but they didn’t have any way to get in touch with their parents. They didn’t know where their parents went to. There wasn’t anything in the house for them.”

Deputies arrested Kemoncia Daniely and Kesia Stephens, charging them with child abandonment.

Then they called the Department of Family and Children's Services, or DFCS. Houston County DFCS Director Traci Freeman explained what happens next in cases like this.

“We first attempt to find family members for the children to go with if we're unable to find any family members who are willing or able to take the children, then we look toward foster homes,” Freeman said.

With few homes available to place children, that can be difficult.

“For instance, in Houston County, we have 24 foster homes and 154 children in care, so it's very likely that those children will be placed outside of this community,” Freeman said.

She says that can make visitation with family difficult, and encourages parents to think twice before leaving children behind.

“It could cost you your children and it could cost them for a while,” Freeman said.

“This is completely preventable. All the kids needed was supervision and nobody was there. Something bad could have happened,” Deputy Dominique Williams said.

It’s the goal of these deputies and DFACS to keep children in their own homes with their own parents.