We are right around the corner from the spookiest month of the year!

When you think of Halloween you may think of trick or treating, costumes and of course getting scared.

We went to check out a new haunted house in Forsyth that promises to give you a screaming good time all year long.

Welcome to the Nightmare Asylum, the place that will bring your nightmares alive.

Owner, Matthew Turner says you're in for a real treat, but warns it's not for the faint for heart.

"I had a lady last year she made it back 20 foot in the door and she passed out," Turner says.

Turner says haunted houses has been his passion since he was 10-years-old.

He says the fun won't end after Halloween, his Haunted Fun House will be open all year long.

So I decided to give it a shot, and it wasn't long before my nightmares started creeping up on me.

But, don't get too comfortable, Turner switches up his actors so at each turn you'll never know what to expect.

"We do that so when the next person comes out they can't say this gentleman is over here so don't be scared of him," he says.

However, those aren't the only surprises you'll bump into.

Turner says something in here is bound to scare you whether it's clowns, snakes, or even claustrophobia.

And the actors love picking at those fears, actor Chad Styles says people's reactions are to die for.

"Watching people run, lose their shoes, run over the walls... it's crazy!" Styles exclaims.

After hearing one too many bumps in the night, I took a break at one of the games along the way.

"And the reason we are doing the break thing is for the littler kids so you get a few minutes to calm them down and then they can finish out through the haunted house," Turner says.

Turner invites everyone to come out and enjoy the clowns, dolls, and rest of the horrors to find out.. Do you have what it takes to face your nightmares?

Turner says every weekend in October they will be changing the rooms in the Haunted House.

Through out the year he says the fun house will also change multiple times to keep visitors on their toes.

Tickets are $13 and during the off season the tickets drop to $7.

Turner says for anyone who comes out for their grand opening on September 29th, tickets are buy one get one free.

They are located on Rumble Road.