The Medical Center Navicent Health has new mammogram equipment that doctors say could save your life. Doctors said the 3D mammogram machine gives a more accurate image for the early detection of breast cancer

Here's how it works. The 3D system allows doctors to see more cancer cells that they couldn't see before. That allows them to see detect cancer earlier in patients, and the risks for false positives decreases.

Doctors say they started using the new equipment in September and more than 100 women have used it for screenings.

“The technology was used on a woman who had a 2D mammogram and nothing stood out to the radiologist,” said Dr. Paul Dale, Medical Director of Cancer Center. “But when we did the 3D mammography and looked into that breast, the tumor actually unfolded,”said Dale.

Doctors recommend that women over 35 get regular screenings once a year. To make an appointment, you can call Navicent Health at 478-633-7020.