Halloween is just around the corner, and one costume could change more than just your appearance. Doctors are warning people against certain types of costume contact lenses.

Pennuel Lockett was shocked when she saw pictures of eyes that were infected from certain types of costume contact lenses.

“Eww! No, no, I would not wear that. That one looks like it has a little alien inside of it,” says Lockett. She saw a new side of a costume accessory that she has seen several of her friends wear.

Lockett describes the lenses as, “some of them are white and just look like demon eyes, and then some of them are cat eyes.”

Another costume shopper, Stanton Davis, says he has never tried the lenses, but his friends have.

“I respect them for going all out for their costume, but it’s probably not the best for their eyes,” says Davis.

However, not everyone thinks about that.

“Tearing eyes, clouding of their vision, pain discomfort,” says eye doctor Russell Chambless. Some of the side-effects Chambless says people are having from certain costume lenses, "That are supplied by bad actors. People breaking the law,” says Chambless. He says stores are selling non-FDA approved contact lenses that could cause problems as severe as blindness.

“It needs to be an FDA-approved contact lens prescribed by a doctor of optometry or other eye care professional,” says Chambless. He says it does not just stop with making sure your contact lenses are FDA-approved. He says it is important that you get a solution to clean the lenses that are also approved by the FDA.

“We can special order just any type of decorative contact lens,” says Chambless.

Chambless says the best way to make sure you have safe contact lenses are to purchase them from an eye doctor.

He says most eye doctors should be able to order the costume lenses.