Within the last week, officials in Georgia have confirmed at least three cases of dog flu that appeared to come from a dog show at the Georgia National Fairgrounds or a dog show in Florida.

Twelve dogs also tested positive in Florida. WMAZ first reported on this story earlier this month.

Amid the outbreak of dog flu, or H3N2, there's another dog show this weekend at the Fairgrounds.

Jacob Reynolds found out what extra precautions the show is taking to keep competitors safe.

There is an air of caution for this weekend's show in Perry.

Jen Pinder traveled down from Michigan and said dog flu warnings are everywhere.

“It's been all over Facebook, it's been all over the TV. I am concerned, but like any other flu that people get, I'm taking precautions. We're doing some homeopathic, I didn't have time, I was working, I didn't have time to do the vaccine,” Pinder said.

Dog show in Perry

Kellie Verrelli from Tennessee didn't have time to vaccinate her dogs either since the warnings were new.

But she's taking extra precautions, especially with her new puppies.

“I have a spray bottle of bleach water that I'll be spraying everything, which I do anyway you know, just for the same type of deal. If you deal with chicken on your countertop you spray the countertop afterward so you don't get salmonella,” Verrelli said outside her RV.

Verrelli said people need to keep an eye on their dogs and make sure they’re not getting too close to others, especially dogs they don’t know.

This weekend's event is the Southeastern Regional Agility Championships hosted by Canine Capers.

They've urged competitors to set up crates and RVs at least 20 feet from each other. They'll be using hand sanitizer and gloves when handling leashes all weekend. The equipment will be cleaned every night, and they offered anyone a refund if they felt it was unsafe to compete.

Erica Linsley, the group’s Trial Chair, says she’s not worried.

“I do the typical things that a pet lover, dog owner, especially people in competition, they're at shows all the time, I take the typical precautions. I'm really, truly, never been worried about it with my own dogs,” Linsley said.

She has two dogs competing in the event as well.

None of the show's competitors have cancelled due to sickness.

However, they did give about a dozen refunds to pet owners concerned over their dogs’ safety.

The event runs from Thursday afternoon through Sunday at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry.

For the 25th anniversary, Canine Capers will be offering free peach cobbler on Saturday.