Dooly County parents can rest easy now knowing their school system is once again fully accredited.

Last month, Andre Robinson Jr. graduated from Dooly County High school, but his dad says the last couple of years have been rocky for the school district.

“It’s been awkward as a parent trying to understand the internal chaos of what’s going on,” Andre Robinson Sr. said. “You get bits and pieces of what’s going on in the community.”

That chaos put the school’s accreditation in jeopardy.

Last year, Governor Nathan Deal removed and replaced the school board in hopes of turning things around.

“If you were to lose your accreditation, our students here in Dooly County would have to be transported out of the county to another school that was accredited so that they could even attend college or further their education anywhere,” board member Cory Jones said.

He is one of those new board members. Superintendent Celeta Thomas says he and the four other members have helped turn the system around and get fully accredited once again.

“It means that we have collectively overcome all the barriers in a short amount of time, with limited people, and we stayed focused on our children,” Thomas said.

The district improved its score 85 points from the inspection two years ago done by a national accreditation agency. The biggest area of improvement was in leadership, particularly the board of education.

“We have to sustain this work, so there’s a bigger and better challenge in front of us that we must overcome, and we will,” Thomas said.

The new attitude gives Robinson hope.

“To see these other kids coming up in the future, it's going to be bright,” Robinson said. “It's going to be real bright, and I don’t have a problem with saying that Dooly County is rocking right now.”