If you ride or walk through downtown Macon, you've probably noticed about a dozen new bike racks in the area.

Instead of driving around, people now have the option to pull up curbside and secure their bike.

Lee Clack, owner Kudzu Seafood Company, has a bike rack in front of his store and says that this is convenient.

"It says that we think outside of the box -- we're great downtown. We know we have issues, parking being one of them, but let's figure out ways to solve that and work around it so that we can become bigger and better," said Clack.

With funding from a grant, Bike Walk Macon was able to donate 12 bike racks and install them in the downtown area.

"Bikes are the most ecofriendly transportation that we have other than our two feet," said Clack.

Rachel Hollar, the executive director of Bike Walk Macon, says that data shows the racks were needed.

"In Macon-Bibb County, 1 in 3 people don't have a driver's license; that's about 50,000 people in Macon that don't need to get around without a car," said Hollar.

Clack says the outcome isn't just great for business, but it also benefits the rider.

"Cycling is one of the things that's going to increase your cardiovascular and make you healthy and generally feel better," said Clack.

Here is a list of businesses offering incentives.

  • Theatre Macon, located at 438 Cherry St., Macon, GA 31201 United States, is offering a 20% discount on their ticket purchase.
  • Pink Chief Boutique, located at 408 Third Street, Macon, GA. will provide a 10% discount on all boutique and fitness gear to the bike community and give a 20% discount off of custom tees.
  • Golden Bough Bookstore, located at 371 Cotton, will offer a free bargain book with purchase.
  • Kudzu Seafood Company, located at 470 3rd St, Macon, Georgia 31204