The cooking school at Travis Jean in downtown Macon hosts a variety of cooking classes throughout the year.

This holiday season, culinary director Teddi Wohlford will be hosting two separate Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen courses. One class this Wednesday, November 15, and one in December.

"When you give a gift that you make, you share your heart," Wohlford said about giving gourmet meals and other homemade treats as gifts.

She says the Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen class is her favorite. She will share about 14 different recipes that attendees can make from their home for anyone on their list or to contribute to a gathering.

"Some of these things are kind of for foodies and gourmets, and some are a little more basic," she said.

An example of one of the more basic recipes is her homemade caramels that she says are 'the bomb.'

The cooking classes at Travis Jean have a wide array of themes.

"I'm just trying to bring people back into the kitchen and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it, Wohlford mentioned about the cooking classes.

The school usually does a dating/couples class once a month, and a supper club once a month.

"The supper club is a seated, plated meal," Wohlford said. Recipes are not given out at those courses as diners come simply to enjoy the meal.

Those who are interested can sign up for the course on the Travis Jean website.

Speaking of recipes, 13WMAZ is in the process of compiling a cookbook - Recipes from the Heart - and you can be part of this legacy.

Send your recipes to, or mail to 13WMAZ-TV, 1314 Gray Highway, Macon, GA 31211 (Please write 'Recipes from the Heart' on the envelope.)

Wohlford did not disclose a food recipe today as it is important to her that those interested get the full experience by attending a course.

However, she shared a recipe for a hand scrub that gets the harsh smell of food like onions and garlic off of your hands, which she says also makes for an amazing gift.


Sugar, lemon zest, orange zest, minced rosemary, olive oil or similar


"We just mix up sugar, the freshly grated lemon zest and orang zest and the minced rosemary, out it in a little jar, preferably not glass because that's gonna be in the kitchen right near the hand sink we don't need anything breaking," she shared cheerfully about the hand scrub recipe.

She says after adding those products you add a type of oil like grapeseed, canola or olive oil.

Finally., she concluded that a teaspoon of the hand scrub rubbed on dry will make hands feel and smell awesome.

The cooking school at Travis Jean hosts classes year-round.