You may want to think twice before parking on certain streets in downtown Macon.

Tuesday, the Urban Development Authority told Bibb Commissioners that some streets will cost more than others to park on, once parking meters go in sometime this fall.

Tara Moore says she has to find a parking spot downtown almost every single day.

“Before the lunch crowd hits, you can find a parking spot anywhere,” says Moore.

But Moore says it is not always that easy.

“On the weekends, it’s horrific,” says Moore. She says sometimes it is so bad that she has to go to other parts of town.

“I mean, I’ve had to drive around five or six times. I've gotten so irritated about trying to find parking I gave up and went somewhere else,” says Moore.

Moore says she is in favor of the county putting in parking meters because she thinks it will help turnover spots.

“'Cause I’ve seen where people have literally parked their cars, let’s say, on Cherry Street or Poplar Street and gotten in the car with someone else and left their car,” says Moore.

The director of the Urban Development Authority, Alex Morrison, says they want to look at parking demand to make the meters work for everyone. He says some streets will cost between 50 cents to a dollar per hour and some will still be free.

“Dynamic pricing to make sure that the system doesn’t price or push anyone out so that people can self-select their own interest,” says Morrison.

Morrison says they are also going to offer paid parking permits for people who live or spend a lot of time downtown.

“We've heard from residents time and time again that they want to be able to have a predictable place,” says Morrison.

Moore says she thinks it could help the area grow even, though it could cost people a little more to go downtown.

“I don’t think it’s going to discourage people from coming downtown,” says Moore.

Morrison says he is not sure when the parking plan would take effect -- the county is still looking for a company to install the meters.