The Dream Academy charter school says they'll open this fall at a location in Macon's Pleasant Hill.

It's the former site of the Macon Charter Academy on Madison Street.

The Dream Academy held a news conference Tuesday to update their plans.

They said they planned to enroll about 600 students.

The Dream Academy is inspired by the work of soul music legend Otis Redding and supported by his family.

Karla Redding-Andrews, daughter of the late Otis Redding, says it's been in the works for almost four years. They wanted to make sure it was successful from day one.

"It's taking vetted processes making sure that our programs, our board of directors, and every single step of what it takes to operate Dream Academy is understood," Redding-Andrews said. "We have weighed every option every pro, every con, and now we're ready."

She says students will be immersed in music and the arts.

"There's a total difference being able to perform a dance, or play a violin, we are actually implementing those music and arts programs in the curriculum every single day," Redding-Andrews said.

The governing board's work landed an $850,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Education to get things off the ground.

Some parents, like Keith Fitzgerald, are already interested.

"My hope, it prepares them in a way that is better then regular schooling, because of the way everything is integrated," Fitzgerald said.

Redding-Andrews said the academy is the perfect way to keep Otis Redding's legacy alive while inspiring Central Georgia's next great artists.

"My father would be very proud today," Redding-Andrews said. "He was so adamant about education with music and the arts, and that is the basis of the Otis Redding Foundation and what we've put in place. I know that he's smiling down."

The school will start out serving students Kindergarten through 6th grade, adding a grade each year. Students from anywhere in the state can apply.

You can apply through their website.