Drivers experienced the first full day without Interstate 85 being open, and for many, it was a big headache.

While traffic is moving at a normal speed on Interstate 75 in Central Georgia, further north, traffic isn’t running so smoothly after the collapse of portion of Interstate 85.

“Atlanta is a nightmare,” Scott Seeburger said.

He and his wife make the trip from Michigan to central Florida every year, a part of that trip takes through Atlanta.

“There’s nothing that approaches Atlanta,” Seeburger said. It’s the most congested, slowest, most difficult part of the entire trip.”

He says this year's trip was worse than ever before.

“It’s really bad just every step of it,” Seeburger said. “When we connected from 285 to 75, we thought it was all over and we were OK, but no, it was just another leg of it. It was still bad, it was moving very slow.”

Public Safety Commissioner Col. Mark McDonough says that’s the new norm in Atlanta until repairs on I-85 are completed.

“If you're not coming into town and you're going either south of town from the north or you're coming from the south of town and going north, that's why we built 285,” McDonough said.

He suggests drivers find an alternate route when traveling in and around Atlanta.

“Everybody has a routine in their life, and for 250,000 people a day, crossing this section of roadway is part of their routine,” McDonough said. “The fact of the matter, the blunt fact of the matter, is that routine has now come to an end.”

“I feel bad for folks who have to live through this day by day,” Seeburger said. “We come through it once a year, but for the folks who have to live here, they’ve got a real challenge.”