According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Georgia is currently the second largest producer of cotton in the country.

But cotton production in our state may be slowing down this year thanks to a hot summer, and dry conditions.

Our Madison Cavalchire went to Hawkinsville to see how the weather is affecting farmers here in Central Georgia.

Rodney Dawson has been farming for 47 years and out of all his years growing cotton, this has been one of the worst.

Dawson Brothers Farm has about 3,000 acres of cotton.

Dawson says of that land, about one-third is dry.

“It’s just gotta have rainfall for it to take up all the nutrients to produce the fruit,” said Dawson. “We’re 10 inches behind in rainfall this year. It’s going to a tough year, we’re in a tough survival mode right now.”

Even with high temperatures and dry conditions, the Peach State will still be a top producer of cotton in 2016.

“Dry land is about as good as the irrigated in some places, so I don't think we will be down that dramatic,” said Dawson.

If all of the cotton in Georgia went dry, Dawson says your shirts, sheets, and socks would still survive because making synthetic material is cheaper.

In around 10 days, he'll harvest what he can of his cotton.

“With the dry land and everything, we'd be lucky to have a bail and a half, or a bail and three quarters,” said Dawson. “It’ll have to do though. You just can’t predict the weather every year.”

Other crops like corn, peanuts, and pecans are also affected by the drought.