Dry drowning has some parents on edge after a 4-year-old Texas boy died from dry drowning a few weeks ago.

According to Dr. Mickey Bansal, the medical director for Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Coliseum Medical Center, it's a rare occurrence -- but it can happen to anyone at any age.

“Dry drowning is basically when water enters the upper airway and the vocal cord spasms to prevent water from getting into the airway," said Bansal. "The spasming can cause an even more acute symptoms coughing and even death.”

Jennifer Guzman-Elias, a mother of three, takes her children to the pool at least two times a month and it was there where she had a scare with her daughter.

“When she was three, she took her floaties off and she let go of the ladder and she went under and luckily I was in the pool with her,” said Guzman-Elias.

However, that horrific moment only grew more intense when she found out three weeks ago that a child can drown well after they get out of the pool.

“The dry drowning... it’s crazy that’s for sure,” said Guzman-Elias.

She says because of that incident, she no longer has a pool in her back yard, but whenever she takes her three children out, she watches her most prized possessions even more.

“I try my hardest to make sure they at least know how to swim and keep their head above water," said Guzman-Elias.

Dr. Bansal recommends that if you feel that the child went under water you should contact your pediatrician with any concerns.