As people evacuate for Hurricane Irma, they are looking for places to go. Hundreds of people are seeking shelter in central Georgia.

The Page House Bed and Breakfast is getting ready for some of those evacuees.

“We did stock up on fruit and eggs and juice. We'll have to go out and get more vegetables and bacon. People love bacon so lots of bacon,” says Mono Cruz the chef at the Page House.

Cruz says they are gearing up for a full house.

“We're really anticipating a lot of people with the evacuees coming in town and the hurricane. It's already becoming maddening,” says Cruz.

Cruz says they are not just preparing in the kitchen.

“Just making sure we have enough pillows blankets stuff like that. Just trying to stay ahead of it making sure we have extra batteries for flashlights and lanterns,” says Cruz.

The owner, JoAnn Simms, says it is not just supplies they are bringing in.

“It’s great to have extra help,” says Simms.

She says it is all hands on deck because she does not know how long people will have to stay.

“From tomorrow until maybe next Wednesday or Thursday. That's filling in also because people don’t know if they'll be able to get back to their houses or if they'll have power so they’re planning ahead,” says Simms.

The Page House sleeps about 14 people, but Cruz says for Hurricane Matthew they made exceptions for people like a man who was sleeping in his car.

“We actually set him up here in the parlor. We brought in an air mattress blankets, pillows for him,” says Cruz.

Both Simms and Cruz say if this weekend is anything like that, they are prepared to help in any way possible.