It's the time of the year for active violence training for the Dublin Police Department. Inside of the classroom, officers learn about movements, tactics, and how to deal with confrontations during active shooting situations.

Wednesday, they suited up and put what they learned to the test.

Lieutenant Keith Moon says this is the third year that the department has conducted reality-based training and it has helped tremendously.

Officers at the department had to think quick, especially if lives are on the line.

"Put the gun down, sir... Put the gun down!" said an officer.

"In what Graham vs. Connor says, we're called to make decisions in situations that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving," said Moon.

According to the FBI, in 2014 and 2015, there were about 20 active shooting situations each year.
With these active shooter situations. One must wonder how local policemen are prepared for situations in their own time.

"When we had the incident at the hospital, we were able to work very well together," said Moon.

Chief of Police Tim Chatman and Lieutenant Keith Moon say these drills prepared them for last year's shooting at Fairview Park Hospital.

The long hallways and rooms are built to replicate areas where shootings can happen, preparing officers for the unknown that lurks behind doors.

"It also gives the officer a chance to critique themselves. They can auto correct almost immediately," said Moon.

"Put your hands on the wall!" an officer shouted during a drill.

After each drill the team gathered, they discussed what went right and what they could have done better.

"We had multiple subjects in multiple rooms. Once we encountered multiple subjects, we had to continue to break down our team to leave security at each room," said Eric Roland.

The ultimate goal of these drills is to be prepared for situations when they happen.

Gabrielle Dawkins