In the first half of this year, six people died in car accidents in Dublin.

In the same time last year, there were none.

Dublin Police say accidents in town are up slightly this year with an average of 109 crashes a month.

Fred Rimmer says it's because of how people drive.

"If you walk around most of these streets down here -- I walk my dog every morning -- it's like a racetrack," says Rimmer.

Police say four of them were caused by a failure to yield. Joyce Rimmer says she’s seen happen at intersections in the city several times.

“Well, when they get to the stoplight, they don't know if they're supposed to go. They need to read the rules,” says Rimmer.

“People have got to stop at the stop sign," says Rimmer. “The Georgia law requires a total cessation of movement.”

Dublin Police Captain James Champion says that a good majority of our wrecks are caused by speed, impaired drivers, and failure to yield,”

He took us to a bypass with low visibility over the hill.

“Because they don't see anything coming, by the time that car tops the hill, they are right on top of them,” says Champion.

Down the street on Walker Dairy Road, he describes an accident.

“She pulled out, she hit the SUV, which caused the SUV to flip over several times that had two children,” says Champion.

Champion says Dublin city engineers are looking into putting a turnabout to make the intersection safer.

The Rimmers had a few words for drivers who aren't following the rules.

“Yeah, you're not only saving someone else's life, but you could probably be saving your own,” says Rimmer.

To combat the number of crashes, Dublin police added two officers on the traffic unit and the department is trying to educate people about the dangers of not following traffic laws.