The Dublin VA Medical Center has had several mishaps over the last few years, like a staggering number of job vacancies, reports of keeping false records and long wait times, but the hospital is working to change that perception and wants the veterans input on how they can improve.

"I have no complaints about the VA," veteran Loyd Caylor said.

"I said I need to go there because I have some issues to let the director know," veteran Don Harris said.

Different opinions Monday at the Dublin VA's town hall meeting. The Carl A. Vinson Veterans Medical Center has had ups and downs over the last few years with job vacancies, long wait times, and reports that employees kept false records about those wait times.

But director Mary Alice Morro said the hospital is working to fix their problems.

"They need to know that we're working hard on it," Morro said. "We hear their complaints, we listen to them when we come in, what are we doing with that information?"

Veterans discussed everything from toothaches, adding cross walks to the center, insurance claims and more.

Harris says his biggest problem is wait times on the phone when he calls in to make an appointment.

"If you needed to see a specialist, you might die before you get an appointment," Harris said.

Morro answered his question, and every question asked about the hospital.

"What we've done is we've beefed up our staff here so that we can take the brunt of it and work with our partners offline so that the veteran doesn't get that frustration," Morro said.

Harris and Caylor said they're glad they had the chance to speak their mind.

"You can hear negative things voiced to receive response from it and you can hear positive things," Caylor said.

"It's worth it to drive down here to have this meeting and voice my concerns and maybe somebody will listen," Harris said.