There's $2 billion in unclaimed property locked away in a Georgia Department of Revenue vault.

Some central Georgians are getting a piece.

Plenty of businesses are eligible to claim some property, but it's not just for the pros. Plenty of individuals have money and property waiting for them.

Jo Mathes of Dublin is one of them... sort of.

After seeing our story detailing the missing property, she decided to check the state's database to see if it had anything for her.

It didn't.

But it did have some for her family and friends. In all, six people she's close to discovered there's a windfall waiting for them.

As far as Mathes is concerned, they deserve it.

"I mean, if they got money out there and it's theirs they're entitled to it," said Mathes. "The state shouldn't keep it just to look at it. Money's not meant to look at, it's meant to spend."

They'll have some spending money. A friend scored $50 and a relative is owed $65.70.

Mathes says it's not all about money though. For her, it's all about how you spend it--and who you spend it with.

"I don't care if I'm happy but if I see everybody else happy, that's what being a mom's all about."

To check to see if you have unclaimed property, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue's portal, or call 855-329-9863.