Martin Luther King Jr. weekend kicked off in Dublin on Saturday where people gathered to enjoy the 24th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

Nicole Butler spoke with a few people about the ties King has to the city, and how he's helped transform the world into what we know today.

The parade kicked off Saturday with floats and a whole a lot of music, but Laura Irwin remembers how their first parade almost got canceled due to a bad storm.

"Our thought was if Dr. king was having that parade he wouldn't stop so we were trying to live up to his legacy," she says.

A legacy Larodney Guyton has looked up to for years, wanting his niece and nephew to know what King did for this country.

"Well the fact that he stood up for the injustice of the world during that time has made our world better now. People of all races can be accepted for who they are," he says.

A change that James Holder remembers all too well.

"I was raised up in segregation a lot of the restaurants I used to have to go in the back to be served so he has just made it different," he says.

Holder says in 1944 at the age of 14, King gave his first public speech here at 1st African Baptist Church.

"I've always seen Dublin as a change agent and so it wasn't no accident that the Lord sent him here to Dublin, Georgia," he says.

The parade featured almost 200 floats, making it one of the largest MLK parades in the state.

Many came out to not only celebrate the holiday, but to honor the man that helped change so many people's lives.