A project one year in the making is finally finished. Like many older Boy Scouts, Colin Robinson needed to complete a service project to earn his Eagle Award. Colin chose to make a lasting impact on children at the Methodist Home in Macon. Yvonne Thomas shares this story.

After one year of hard work and planning, Eagle Scout Colin Robinson kept his promise to this community. “I was always raised that if you start something, you finish it and don't give up,” said Robinson. “We got a call about a year ago from Colin and his mother that he was looking for an Eagle Scout project to do,” said Lonnie Bivins, Vice President of Facilities at The Methodist Home.

During a visit to the Methodist Home, Colin says he noticed a standout problem with the common area outside. “This was pretty much an eyesore on our campus,” said Bivins. Kids had nowhere to sit and relax outside near their dorm rooms. “When we first got here, we saw kids moving a bench from another area over here, so I decided to build for them to keep permanently,” said Robinson.

But Colin didn't stop there. This Eagle Scout project became a passion. With the help of other scouts, friends, and family, he built three benches, added fresh flowers, and created a plaza for everyone to enjoy. “I wanted to give back to people who give back to their community,” said Robinson.

For more than 100 years, the Methodist Home has housed abandoned, abused, or neglected children. Vice President of Facilities Lonnie Bivins says Colin gave them a new way to show love. “Colin has provided us an opportunity to help children as well. He's provided them an opportunity to sit here and out,” said Bivins.

With a new place to sit and a flowers to smell, it's an open space where a kids can be kids. “I wanted to build something to be used for years to come,” said Robinson.

Colin says some volunteers helped him finish the project. He raised about $400 to pay for it.