Every day, hardworking folks all over Central Georgia get up before the sun comes up.

They are Early Risers, hard at work while you're still snoozing.

For the next several weeks, Meteorologist Hunter Williams will introduce you to them and show us the hard work they do in the dark so your day can get off to a bright start.

This morning, we find Hunter doing drills with the 48th Brigade in Macon.

The 48th Infantry Combat Brigade Team is one of the oldest units in the United States Army. It first organized in Macon as a volunteer militia group in 1825.

The group has been re-organized numerous times in its history and served in recent U.S. operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of its most recent missions was providing assistance to Hurricane Harvey victims.

“We had a great training assembly plan for September that turned into an actual real world mission. One of the great things about being a guardsman is we get to serve overseas and serve our country, but it’s also extremely rewarding to help our neighbors and friends in Georgia. That’s what happened for a week following the hurricane,” said Col. Matthew Smith.

Q: Let’s talk about your morning routine. What time do you roll in and get your morning workout started?

A: I typically get up at what the Army affectionately refers to as 0500. Usually in this room by 5:30 I’m getting the kinks out and then starting to work out in earnest.

Q: What do you have planned going forward?

A: We’re currently part of a new partnership with 3rd Infantry Division down in Fort Stewart. That is to help us get ready faster in preparation for our Afghan mission this time next year. Physical fitness is pretty important.

Tune in next week to see Hunter with a cafeteria worker at a Houston County elementary school.