Every day, hardworking folks all over Central Georgia get up before the sun comes up.

They are Early Risers, hard at work while you're still snoozing.

From the Waffle House to the garbage truck, this month Meteorologist Hunter Williams has been highlighting the work of Early Risers.

For the final week of his Early Risers series, Hunter was live on TV and the radio as a guest on WDEN’s morning show with Vance Shepherd and Laura Starling.

Q: As an early riser, what time do you normally get up in the morning and what time to you get in to work?
Laura: My clock starts going off at 4 a.m. I love the snooze. There’s no telling what time I’m actually getting out of the bed.
Vance: Sometimes it’s tough for me, but generally I just jump out of bed – my wife hates that, by the way. I’m in a great mood. I just roll out of bed and at about 3 a.m. I hit the gym. You can’t sleep in.

Q (to Vance): You were telling me some stories about your early days in radio, some of the incredible artists you’ve met.
Vance: I’ve met lots of folks. Macon used to have and it still really kind of has a very rich music scene. We've had so many bands come here before getting huge [like] Hootie and the Blowfish, Collective Soul. Now Darius Rucker is a famous country artist. We had a rock band in the Grand Opera House and they kind of destroyed that, but we won’t go into any names.

Q (to Vance): You had a story about Steven Tyler that was pretty funny. Can you tell us about that?
Vance: Meeting Steven Tyler, he’s a little guy. He’s pretty short. He was great and fun to talk to. We were talking about Ben Jones. Ben and I used to work together and I have all kinds of Ben stories but I’m not going to share that with you. I could incriminate Ben, but I’m not going to.

Q (to Laura): And you’ve met Garth Brooks? Tell me about that
Laura: I did meet Garth Brooks. He is a super nice guy and Trisha, of course, is a hometown girl. When Trisha’s mom was living in Monticello and then moved down to Tifton to stay with Trisha’s sister, folks down in Tifton would tell you that you could just be walking in the grocery store and there’d be Garth. He’d talk to you just wearing a baseball cap, just shopping with everyone else. He’s really down to Earth.

Q: I'm going to be completely honest. I know almost nothing about country music. Give me an entry level country song suggestion.
Vance: Probably ‘Body Like a Back Road’ by Sam Hunt. It tells you where country is at right now.
Laura: Go back and listen to Conway Twitty so you get the history of country.