An East Dublin man is in the Johnson County Jail after shooting at another man in Wrightsville.

According to Sgt. Mitch Hall, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office received reports from store owners and residents claiming 35-year-old Stephen Sentell Moore was going door-to-door looking for a man so he could kill him.

Around 9 a.m., they responded to a shots fired call at the house of the man that Moore was after.

It was reported to them that Moore fired two shots from the roadway into the man’s yard while people, including a child, were standing outside.

Hall says Moore is charged with: 11 counts of terroristic threats, 6 counts of disorderly conduct, 5 counts of aggravated assault, 5 counts of pointing a pistol at others, 1 count of child endangerment, 1 count of firing a gun within city limits, 1 count of shooting from the roadway, 1 count of child cruelty, 1 count of theft by receiving for the stolen vehicle he was driving, and 1 count of driving an unregistered vehicle.