Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing two in the same accident is even tougher.

As cars rushed by the wooden crosses on Highway 24 in Eatonton, friends and family gathered to remember Jakeda Ellison and her 9-year-old daughter Shamaylaka. They were killed in a wreck there last week at the intersection of Imperial Mill Road.

“It's been rough,” Mozelle Dennis said.

She was a lifelong friend of Jakeda. Dennis called her Keda, and she also helped take care of Shamaylaka, who she referred to as "Tank."

“She (Tank) never had a bad day, she always smiled even though something went wrong she still smiles,” Dennis said. “Mama Keda she had this certain laugh to her that you can’t explain.”

Dozens sang, prayed, and cried as they held candles lighting the evening in honor of the mother and daughter. Among them, Tank's best friend Faith Evans.

“She was my cousin, my best friend, but most of all, she was my sister,” Faith said.

The only way they’ll move forward is knowing Keda and Tank are in a better place.

It was a simple gathering with bigger meaning for those who lost two people the same day.