It's been a stressful week for people in Putnam County as they waited for news on the manhunt for the two escaped inmates.

Now that the duo is back behind bars, the city of Eatonton is reacting to their capture.

There is definitely a sense of relief and a sense that the people have their safety back.

Now, they want to thank law enforcement across the country and the two correctional officers, Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue, who lost their lives.

Eatonton barber Sammy Wooten is looking forward to Father's Day with his granddaughter with a new sense of relief.

A dangerous duo, now back behind bars.

“Thank you so much to Sheriff Sills and the whole Law Enforcement from state corrections to everybody. Thank you very much,” Wooten said in his shop.

Wooten has been working in the family barbershop since the 60s, cutting hair for anyone including law enforcement.

He called this a tough week for the County.

“It was devastating, I had come to work that morning and heard the news. And of course my customers started coming in and uh... we just don't have anything like that happen much in Putnam County,” Wooten said.

Jennifer Leeson has worked in Putnam County for 14 years. She agreed everyone is relieved the two are off the streets and had a message for law enforcement.

“We appreciate them, everybody here backs them, like fully 100 percent, everybody backs them,” Leeson said.

She says her heart breaks for the two families that now have to bury their loved ones.

Gail Segars-Rainey was born and raised in Putnam County and was out walking her neighbor's dog on Friday.

She says now, it's time to say a sad goodbye. She had a message for the families.

“My heart goes out to these families that lost these brave patriarchs of their families,” Rainey said.

She added that she believed the two would have a good reward waiting for them in Heaven.