Tuesday night, Historic Macon announced their annual preservation awards to individuals and businesses working to rehabilitate historic buildings in Macon.

One of the winners was the Moonhanger Group's El Camino Taqueria on Second Street.

The building was built in the 1880s. Over the years, it housed a cotton broker, jewelry store, and soda fountain.

But when the Moonhanger Group took over, the space had been empty for many years. They worked hard to preserve the original ceiling tiles, wood floors, and the building's back door.

Chad Evans is a partner at the Moonhanger Group. He says they made it their mission to contribute to Macon's growth.

"We're preservationists, or revivalists," says Evans. "We're trying to bring new life into downtown, we're growing the company and adding bodies, and the way we're doing that is giving folks a vision of what they're being a part of."

Other businesses winning preservation awards include Piedmont Construction's Silver Building on Third Street, NewTown Macon's office and lofts on Poplar, and M&R Marketing's office on Third Street.