Back in April, dozens of tornadoes ripped through Central Georgia and many people's lives were impacted.

Now four months later, Nicole Butler spoke with one man who is still dealing with the destruction.

Glenn Carr has called this place home for almost 60 years. It's where he found his passion for music.

"In a way, all my memories are gone," Carr says.

Hidden under the rubble are treasured belongings holding memories that he'll never get back.

Four months ago, Carr's life was turned upside down when a tornado swept through town.

"I literally saw that tree when it began to fall. Jesus put it into my spirit. I am already taking care of this," he cries.

The tree falling only 10 feet away from him, cutting the home in half.

The state bought the land in front of Carr's property in order to widen the road. The tree was partially on their property, and after four months, they still have not come to remove the tree from his home.

Carr says it breaks his heart to see his home in this condition, but he says the community has really helped him get through this hard time.

"But there were a few other people that would come by and put a piece of money my hand, and thank God, because God only knew how much I needed that," he says.

Living off Social Security checks, he says there's no way he'll have enough money to restore his home.

"Sometimes I literally bawl, but if I bawl now, it's because I'm seeing the blessings of God on me," Carr cries.

Carr says he knows this is just another obstacle he will have to overcome, and hopes better days are coming his way.

Carr says the state has finally agreed to remove the tree from his home.

He said state representative Jimmy Pruett was helping him negotiate the tree problem with the state, we could not reach Pruett for comment.

Since Carr had no insurance coverage on his home or belongings, he says this was a total loss.

Friends and family are starting a fund to get him back on his feet.

If you would like to help pitch in, there's a couple of ways you can go about it.

You can send the donation directly to Carr at 525 Plaza Ave. Unit G39, Eastman, GA 31023, or Citizens and Bank Trust has a fund for Carr and you can send your donation to P.O. Box 339, Eastman, GA 31023.