Do you have old computers or electronics clogging up your closets? One new business in Macon wants to take them off your hands for free.

Whether it is an old computer, television, or used batteries, Equip Exports LLC says they will pick it up for free, even if it has stopped working.

“There is a way to recycle their used technology responsibly where nothing ends up in a landfill,” says the company’s business development manager William Holmes. He says Equip Exports takes old electronics that people have sitting around and fix them so they can sell it to countries that need the technology.

“We make sure they work. We test their functionality, we check for any missing parts, damages, defects, bumps, dents, scratches, and we accommodate all of that,” says Holmes.

If you have any concerns about your old data being accessed, they take your old hard drive and shred it in a machine. Even if the technology does not work anymore, Holmes says they put it into a larger shredder that grinds it up into a little cube.

“Which is for sale to a market like Hong Kong and China, you know, when goes to a smelting company for them to, you know, to get something out of it,” says the company's executive director, Rishi Balani. He says they are fixing 150-200 computers a day and are looking for more than 20 employees, but he says that number could grow as the company gets more business.

“It looks like we are joining hands every day, every week,” says Balani.

However, both Balani and Holmes say this company is doing more than just bringing business to the community.

“We're protecting the environment one computer at a time,” says Holmes.

This is the second location for Equip Exports and is on Fulton Street near Houston Avenue. Their first location is in Atlanta.

If you are interested in giving old electronics to the company, call 478-254-7400.