You're probably starting to see piles of trees, limbs, and other yard debris as people begin to clean up after Irma, but how long will it take to get all that debris to the landfill?

It could take some time.

According to the Emergency Management Agency of Macon-Bibb, an estimated 35,000 cubic yards of debris has fallen on our area since Irma passed through, so for now at least, the EMA is urging patience.

"Our focus this week is getting the roads cleared, getting the area back to safety," said Bibb County spokesperson Chris Floore.

In fact, it could be weeks until things are back to normal.

"There's an estimated 35,000 cubic yards of material that came down, and that's just an estimate of us driving around and taking a look. This could take some time," Floore said.

In the meantime, some are just fine taking care of themselves.

"We've gone through ice storms and the flood and everything else, and so we're just kind of subsisting on what we've got and we're going to wait it out," said resident Randy Wright.

One thing's for sure -- Irma only spent hours in Macon, but it'll take weeks before its mess is cleaned up.

You can help speed the process by cutting trees to 4-foot segments and sorting your debris on the curb.