No matter where you live in Georgia an important thing to keep in mind is what to do if your house loses power and some things you may need to stay hurricane ready.

Right now the service center at Flint Energies is quiet but come next week if the hurricane hits it could get busy.

"We have detailed plans step by step on what we're going to do,” says Senior Vice President of Flint Energies Jimmy Autry.

That is also exact what Autry says customers need to do is get prepared.

"Charge your cell phone. Have you got a car charger for the cell phone because you may be able to get to your car even if there's no power in the house. Have you filled up your car with gas? No power you know means gas pumps don't work,” explains Autry.

He says remember if you lose power try to keep your refrigerator closed to keep the food inside cold for as long as possible.

At the Ace Hardware in Warner Robins they say people have already come in trying to get some last minute items.

"They're preparing for a little bit and hoping it doesn't come and maybe it'll move off,” says owner Scott Peterman.

The Georgia department of transportation suggests a few simple things to get your hurricane preparedness kit ready. That includes things like a flashlight, batteries, a First Aid Kit and even things like a fire extinguisher and maybe even trash bags and duct tape.

"We don't know how it will turn out but we are prepared at every instance,” says Autry.

Though much is still unknown they say it is better to prepare for the worst but expect the best.

Autry says the last time they had a hurricane of this magnitude blow through Georgia back in 2004 it took crews six and a half days to restore power to everyone.