One Macon church is teaching children more than just religion.

Awakening Fires Ministry in east Macon works with more than 30 kids to help them have promising futures.

Savon Evans is a high school student who says this program has changed his life.

“From where I am to what I was back then... it’s a major difference,” said Evans.

He says the day he walked into Awakening Fires Ministry, his life began to change.

“When I came to this church, it was a lot of things happening. Investments and discipline towards the Lord and so everything started to change,” said Evans.

Investment and discipline that he says he gets from one family who works at the church -- the Thomley's.

“We're hoping to provide a future, like a good mother and father would. Providing a future down the road for success,” said Jason Thomley.

The Thomley’s are one of several families who help run the ministry.

“We're helping with homework or putting them on the soccer team and letting them develop that way, or just in our homes we share meals with them,” said Jill Thomley.

Jason says of the dozens of kids who attend the church, there are about ten who they see every day.

“We want to see them get the education they're supposed to get. We want to put resources around them,” said Jason.

That is exactly what they are doing.

“They blessed me with a good school,” said Savon.

The Thomley’s were able to send Savon to private school through an anonymous donation. That is a gift that Savon says motivates him every day.

“It values me to work hard to do better and focus on what I really want to do in life and what college I want to go to,” said Savon.

“These kids these kids aren't the project. They’re the treasure,” said Jason.

If you are interested in learning more about Awakening Fires Ministry click this link.