In 2015, more than 500,000 people came out to the Georgia National Fair. This year, Central Georgians aren't the only ones joining in on the fun.

Evacuees fleeing the coast in the wake of Hurricane Matthew attended the fair while in town.

This is the second time Jacksonville evacuee Elizabeth Emma had to leave her home due to a storm, but she said the extent of the storm damage this time is intense.

“Our entire neighborhood is completely destroyed,” said Emma. “Our house is one of only three standing with no damage, so we're pretty lucky.”

Her husband, who stayed in Jacksonville, told her that the houses along their street was damaged.

“Every house got a tree in the neighborhood on a house or a car across the street. Pretty big damage,” said Emma.

Emma and her two daughters wanted to forget about the damage for just a little while, so on Saturday they took a trip to a place full of rides, animals, and food -- the Georgia National Fair.

“We come for the pig races and then they're not quite old enough for the rides yet, but we're getting bigger this year. I think we might try the rides. We'll see,” said Emma.

She says a moment to ease her mind makes this obstacle a little easier to bear...

“It's a lot of relief especially traveling with two little toddlers. It's so much easier to know that we're here to have fun with everybody with the fair. It's going to be a really good trip in spite of what we have to face when we get home,” said Emma.

The fair celebrates its 27th anniversary this year and is open until October 16.