This morning, former Jackson Police Officer Sherry Hall pleaded not guilty to eleven charges in Butts County Superior court.

She's the cop who allegedly lied about being shot by a man while on duty last September.

Nearly one year ago, in September 2016, Jackson Police Officer Sherry Hall told investigators that she was shot in the lower left abdomen by a black man while on patrol.

But after investigating for more than 600 hours, the GBI determined Hall actually shot herself. Hall was fired from the Jackson Police Department.

Hall is charged with making false statements, tampering with evidence, and violating the oath of office.

The former cop and her attorney rushed out of the courtroom, refusing to answer questions.

With a not guilty plea on the table, District Attorney Jonathan Adams is preparing for trial, even though he wouldn't talk about the evidence his office plans to present.

“There is a lot of notority in a case like this,” said Adams. “I will tell you this. It's not circumstantial evidence. There's a lot of direct evidence that we feel is important to this case.”

He also says, under the law, Hall has the right to a fair trial. “That's what we're trying to do here. To create transparent accountability in the justice system of a law enforcement member that was charged with a crime,” said Adams.

After today's hearing, Halls attorney filed several pre-trial motions.

That *new* hearing is scheduled for October 4th.