The solar eclipse is right around the corner and the American Astronomical Society strongly recommends protecting your eyes with solar viewing glasses, but they warn of counterfeit glasses being sold that may not be as protective.

Cashier Demetra Clayton says the Kroger on Zebulon Road in Macon has already sold out of solar viewing glasses in anticipation of the solar eclipse on August 21st. Wednesday the store got their final restock before the big day.

"It's been crazy," Clayton said. "Every other customer has come in looking for these glasses."

Kroger is on the list of stores and manufacturers approved by the American Astronomical Society to sell the safety glasses.

Rick Fienberg with the society says it's important that people wear the protective eyewear during the eclipse, but he warns of counterfeit glasses.

Fienberg says if you buy a pair of glasses from a store not on their list, that doesn't necessarily mean they're unsafe.

"It just means that we haven't been able to verify that they're safe or that we simply have no information," Fienberg said.

He says some counterfeit glasses look just like the real ones.

"They're printing the names of legitimate manufacturers on the glasses, even though they're making them somewhere else," Fienberg said. "They're printing the safety standard which is a number called ISO 123-12-2. They're printing that on fake glasses that have not been tested to meet that standard."

He says the best way to find out if the glasses are safe is to try them out on a sunny day.

"If you look through the glasses and the sun is uncomfortably bright, that virtually guarantees that they're fakes and you should not use them," Fienberg said.

Clayton says she's going to stock up on the safe eyewear at Kroger for her family and says she'll be ready to witness history.

"I am so excited," Clayton said. "I'm going to make sure, even if I'm at work, that I'm able to see that eclipse."

Here is a link of stores and manufacturers approved by the AAS that sell the protective glasses.