ATLANTA -- The family of Tripp Halstead is breathing a sigh of relief after an unexpected fainting spell while at an optometrist's office on Friday.

His mother Stacy posted in a fan page for Halstead that he had just gotten his eyes dilated when she said they rolled back into his head.

"All of a sudden it's as if Tripp just passed out," she said in a post. "I couldn't wake him. His eyes rolled back a little."

She said paramedics were rushed into the room. They soon found that his oxygen levels had dropped. The medical staff gave him oxygen and then rushed him to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where he recovered. Doctors did not release an official cause of the episode, she said.

By Saturday, his mother said he was "all smiles" and had a great night after the panic.

Tripp suffered a traumatic brain injury when a tree limb fell on him at his daycare in 2012. Millions of people have followed his recovery on a Facebook page set up by his mother, Stacy. Now years later, those updates continue with day-to-day activities and pictures of the young boy.