The public Facebook page of a 19 year old jailed for allegedly pistol whipping his father with a gun Tuesday gives a glimpse into his activity with firearms.

The Facebook page shows Logan Nettles and several other males holding firearms and making gang signs with their hand.

Logan Nettles was booked into the Bibb County jail after deputies were called to his Lizella home. He is charged with one count of aggravated assault. His father, Clint Nettles, told the deputies his son stole his phone, cigarettes and lighter, a sheriff's office report states.

Logan Nettles was not at the home when deputies arrived and his father told the lawmen he didn't want his son to return. The deputies left, but were called back later to find Clint Nettles with blood and bruising on his left cheek, the report states.

Clint Nettles told the deputies that his son struck him in the head twice with a gun and then told him, "next time I will kill you," the report states.

Logan Nettles' bond was set at $7,500 Wednesday in Bibb County magistrate court

Deputies were called to the home at 156 Briar Creek Trail last week after 16-year-old Chase Gillis was shot during what authorities called a "gun swap."

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Gillis went to Nettles' home with the intent to trade his Glock pistol for an AR-15, according to a sheriff's office incident report.

Once inside the home, witnesses said, Gillis cocked his pistol and pointed it at another teen's head.

A third man, 23-year-old David Billingsley then shot Gillis with a pistol, the report says.

Gillis died on the scene of head injuries.

Billingsley and Nettles both ran from the house. Deputies picked them up nearby. Billngsley told deputies that he threw his pistol into a storm drain in the woods.

Nettles and Billingsley were not charged in Gillis's death.

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The day before the fatal shooting, Nettles posted on his Facebook page - which is under the name OG GAS - "Traded My AR For a Sniper .. Traded My Draco For a Tec ...100 #GANG ..."

Bibb County Sheriff's Lt. Randy Gonzalez said investigators are familiar with the the Facebook page and couldn't comment because of the investigation. Gonzalez called the posts "disturbing."

Days after the shooting, Nettles posted a news story about Gillis's death stating:

Ok all I got to say is it was self defence..!! Either my Life or His Life..nobody knows wat happend tht i ain't gotta explain shit to facebook..the address is posted..Feel Free to pullup if there's any problems💯💯an to Chase Gillis Family and friends I send my condolences..ive known him since i was a kid an its a Crazy situation but he knew wat type of life he was living...