A Washington County woman says a Facebook profile pretending to be a country music star sent her messages in an attempt to scam her.

Cindy Jordan, of Deepstep, says a profile pretending to be Georgia-native Luke Bryan sent her a friend request around 5:00 a.m. Monday.

The first message from the Facebook page thanked Jordan for her support as a fan.

From there, things got interesting.

The person behind the profile asked her to keep the messages a secret before asking for a favor.

That favor? Taking care of the FedEx delivery fee for a briefcase containing documents, diamonds and money belonging to Bryan because he’s ‘too busy with my shows and other meetings.’

Jordan, quickly realizing this was a scam, decided to play along with the account’s owner who began asking her for her home address, email address and cell phone number so they could repay her later.

The final message from the imposter says ‘ok deary. I would be expecting your response.’

Well played scammers, but diamonds in a briefcase... really?